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Yuliya Barabash

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Where to relocate your business? Where to start a new one?

04 Jul 2022

The focus of SBSB activity is the support of fintech and crypto projects. However the requests of business relocation from Ukraine to some other countries became more frequent lately, because of ongoing military operations. One of my recent clients and a friend of mine, Dmitry, had the same request. It motivated me to write an article with some gen...

Trends in Financial Services

How war in Ukraine effected the world Fintech?

13 Jun 2022

How war in Ukraine effected the world Fintech? Russia's war in Ukraine affected all the CIS countries and somewhat all the world. As well the war influenced fintech companies, whose rapid development was observed after the pandemic. Let's take a look what fintech companies have been targeted by the russian invasion and how they can expand their bu...


Trends in Financial Services

Top Trends: Transformation of the Fintech Market in 2022

03 May 2022

The advancement of technologies expectedly leads to growing client requests, stimulating the Fintech industry to keep up with the times and be quick in offering popular services. The last year spurred substantial transformation in financial technologies and highlighted issues which need to be addressed in the nearest future. Here is an overview of ...

Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

NFT Tokens: Modern Phenomenon and Developments Trends

27 Apr 2022

The media are increasingly bursting with news of some NFT image sold at a price of several million dollars, of people paying unprecedented money for songs, artwork or even real estate in the NFT format. And it does not stop there. The NFT token market was appraised at $40 billion in 2021. The popularity of non-fungible tokens is gaining pace, and w...