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Financial Literacy for Kids

The Lessons We Need To Be Teaching Our Children: Finances

22 h

School is a vital part of a child’s secondary socialisation, children are able to learn societal values, beliefs and attitudes outside of the family structure. They are taught about expectations of them and how to behave within the larger society. Our education is a fundamental part of childhood and development but so are the lessons taught at hom...


During this War on Fraud, Armour Up and Bring Your Shield

22 h

As a society we cannot seem to catch a break. We have had the relief of coming out of a global pandemic and various lockdowns. But now we have a cost-of-living crisis, a recession looming, and are facing an epidemic of fraud. Times cannot be tougher. Energy bills are on the rise, along with fuel and food prices. Fraudsters are preying on us when s...


Buy Now, Regret It Later

22 Jun 2022

Buy now pay later (BNPL) seems promising to consumers. The promise of being able to buy what we need now rather than having to wait for payday. Interest free and the cost being divided into multiple instalments, what’s not to like? Similar to Payday Lenders, perhaps there are greater risks to using BNPL’s. Advertised as allowing us to step out of ...