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Headline: Mass-shooting horrors demand better response—Metadata a way forward?

05 Jul 2022

July 4 revelers in Highland Park, IL, experienced another mass-casualty shooting in America. Stunningly, at this point it’s no longer surprising to see these news alerts. Something has to change. I wrote here a couple weeks ago that RegTech behavior-monitoring technologies have the potential to warn of impending violence—like school shootings and ...


Major Increase in Financial Crimes on the horizon.

01 Jul 2022

Expect a spike in Financial Crime. Here’s why and how you can prepare for it. Why expect a spike in financial crime? It’s the economy, of course. We are on the doorstep of recession, and it’s hard to imagine a gimmick or politician who can stop it now. For those of us who specialize in AML Compliance and related Risk, economic recession strongly ...


Help Stop Social Violence

23 Jun 2022

The Uvalde ,Texas school shooting was yet another horrific and unimaginable act of violence in the U.S. And that particular kind of horror has been categorized by some as “social violence”—a type of event whose traits often include signals pointing toward and even previewing the violent events. Given the many red flags tied to many acts of social ...