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Regulatory technology, is a new technology that uses information technology to enhance regulatory processes. With its main application in the Financial sector, it is expanding into any regulated business with a particular appeal for the Consumer Goods Industry. Often regarded as a subcategory under FinTech, RegTech puts a particular emphasis on regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance and is thus benefiting the finance industry.

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Caleb Woo

How Unsettled Trades can affect your regulatory position for shareholding disclosure

Have you considered the impact of unsettled trades on shareholding reporting? How hard can shareholding disclosure be? Just load your positions and see if you are over the threshold right? Not exactly...

25 Jun 2022
Frank Cummings

Help Stop Social Violence

The Uvalde ,Texas school shooting was yet another horrific and unimaginable act of violence in the U.S. And that particular kind of horror has been categorized by some as “social violence”—a type of e...

23 Jun 2022
Gabriel Hopkins

Turning the tide: How AI can support the financial crime battle against modern slavery

As recently as 2020, the Centre for Social Justice estimated that there were 100,000 or more modern slaves in the UK. And estimates suggest that globally indentured labour generates between $50-150bn...

21 Jun 2022
Gabriel Hopkins

Opportunities for UK Challenger Banks to address AML Compliance

With their innovative products and services challenger banks have revolutionised the banking sector. They offer greater flexibility and choice to consumers, something that their legacy competitors are...

06 Jun 2022
Carol Lemos

Women in Compliance: How to maintain adequate supervision in a remote world, with Stephanie Feldt

Recently, I had the pleasure to tap into insights from six amazing Women in Compliance. Today, I will share the insights provided by Stephanie Feldt, Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel at ...

17 May 2022
Caleb Woo

Shareholding regulations will require more transparency

A snippet from the FT on Archegos “regarding bank claims. . . . It will come down to what indemnity was in the loan and swap agreements.” What it fails to address is the market impact of these agreem...

21 Apr 2022
Dexter Penn

Fears of a spike in vulnerability on the anniversary of the FCA guidance

This week marks a year since the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued guidance to financial institutions for the fair treatment of vulnerable customers. The aim of the guidance is to encourage ban...

25 Feb 2022
Anil Karmel

Modernizing Compliance to move at the Speed of Business

As you consider your company’s compliance processes, do the words speed or real-time come to mind? If your organization is like most, they probably do not. Without finger pointing or complaining, let’...

03 Jan 2022
Gabriel Hopkins

Time to Talk Turkey

With the constant barrage of news related to Covid-19, it is sometimes easy to forget about the complex geo-political world we live in and the difficult and seemingly intractable problems that fill i...

15 Dec 2021
Claus Christensen

From Perpetual KYC to Perpetual KYB: Challenges and Opportunities

Historically, the space of individual Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance has always been one step ahead in terms of industry awareness and digitisation trends compared to the connected area of corpor...

04 Oct 2021

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