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Ketharaman Swaminathan

Founder and CEO at GTM360 Marketing Solutions
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Bio As Founder and CEO, S. Ketharaman provides overall direction and leadership toward setting and achievement of GTM360's goals and objectives. Career History S. Ketharaman has a unique combination of Information Technology products and services experience resulting from his professional career spanning over two decades at leading technology companies like Fujitsu, Oracle, Ramco and Wipro. More at



Blockchain Loyalty Programs - Sizzling Or Fizzling?

06 Jun 2022

I’ve been asked many times to share my take on the latest status of Rakuten Coin, an altcoin that I wrote about in How Blockchain Can Crack The Holy Grail Of Loyalty Programs four years ago. That is not strictly true. I’ve been asked only once, by a certain @droskill on Twitter. The Rakuten coin was launched in 2018 - but I can find a single mentio...


Open Banking: EU v. USA

18 Apr 2022

Open Banking is a flop, it’s too costly, clunky, and businesses struggle to make money from it. - Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank, to Treasury Committee (Source). After a regulatory mandate and nearly five years of media buzz, EU Open Banking recently crossed 5 million users. See Open banking passes five million user milestone. On the other hand,...


Six Hacks To Escape Subscription Trap

20 Dec 2021

In What Is Subscription Trap? (Part 1), we saw several Dark Patterns used by brands and service providers ("Merchants") to make it difficult for us to cancel subscriptions like Social network e.g. LinkedIn Premium Digital media e.g. Wall Street Journal Streaming video service / OTT e.g. Netflix Hosting service e.g. Hostgator SAAS softwa...



RIP Google Plex - But Big Tech Can Still Disrupt Big Banks

11 Oct 2021

Bank accounts are not heavily branded, barring a few exceptions like the one from IndusInd Bank, which tries to create a strong brand for its bank account on the back of differentiators like return of canceled cheque. (For the uninitiated, banks return canceled cheques to customers by default in USA but they retain them with themselves in India, s...

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